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Client: We Make Up
Role: Creative Strategy Lead, Creative Development, AR filter production oversight
Project: Camihawke "Umile o Borghese"

Whilst at Meta, I lead the creative strategy on a Branded Content AR campaign for We Make Up, featuring Italian celebrity influencer Camihawke


We Make Up (an Italian eComm cosmetics brand) hold a big promotion each year for "Lipstick Day".  Struggling with audience saturation, they needed to generate a new audience for the brand. And saw the launch of their two new lipstick shades, Umile (humble) and Borghese (Bourgeois), developed in collaboration with the influencer Camihawke, as a way to generate buzz for the brand while also recruiting a prospecting audience for their forthcoming promotion.

Phase 1/2: Generate a new prospecting audience for the brand 

Phase 3: Maximise conversions on Lipstick Day

Use AR and interactivity on FB/IG as prospecting tools by challenging young Italian consumers to identify themselves as Umile or Borghese, and in so doing building a retargeting audience for We Make Up's biggest promotion of the year.

Umile o Borghese?

A challenge which brings to life the hero product, and poses the deeply existential question, are you more Umile (humble) or Borghese (bourgeois)? 


  • 65% of sessions came from the newly generated audience 

  • 85% of purchases came from new clients

  • 4.8x return on ad spend 

  • 3x cheaper add to cart (vs previous month) 

  • 2.6 Million impressions of AR filter (over 1M in 24hrs) 

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