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Client: Royal British Legion
Role: Creative Strategy Lead
Project: AR Poppy Appeal fundraising campaign

Whilst at Meta I worked with the Royal British Legion to bring to life an AR campaign for their iconic Poppy Appeal fundraising effort. 


Build salience for the Poppy Appeal campaign, and drive donations. 

The Poppy Appeal is a huge cultural moment in the UK. Every year since 1921 the nation comes together to commemorate those who died in the armed forces, by wearing a paper poppy. Celebrities, royalty, public figues and millions of the public wear their poppies with pride.  With the country in lockdown, the RBL needed to find a new approach for their iconic campaign. 


People traditionally buy their poppies either from street collectors (usually veterans or 65+), or in shops (boxes placed on tills nationwide). Due to CoVid; with much of the country in lock down, WFH or self isolating - these options were drastically affected. Bring to life the Poppy Appeal virtually, through a simple AR filter. Leveraging a network of influencers and celebrities to raise awareness, and drive donations.  

Creative idea

Simply replace the physical poppy with an AR poppy. 

Wearing your poppy whether a TV soap star, a veteran, a soldier or simply a regular citizen is an act of pride. So when covid threatened this emotive tribute that has run for 99 years we simply game everyone the tool to proudly wear their poppy in their lockdown public life of stories and feed.


- The campaign drove donations of over £58k
- We delivered 18.2pts lift in std ad recall (vs 8.5pts benchmark) 
- We achieved a 2.8pts lift in top of mind awareness (vs 1.2pts benchmark)

Video may take a little time to load.

Campaign Ecosystem

Poppy Appeal Ecosystem Slide.png
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