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Client: Pure Gym
Role: Creative Strategy Lead, Concept Development, Production oversight
Project: Instagram Reels for Perfomance

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Whilst at Meta, I lead our EMEA wide Reels initiative, on which I worked with multiple clients, including Pure Gym (the UK's largest gym operator) to build their Reels strategy. 

Our work was published as an official Meta success story as well as a Business Case Study, and presented at the Meta Marketing Summit. 


Connect with a younger audience and boost membership sales.



Leveraging our Reels framework, we built a campaign that featured real members and trainers to bring to life their "Everybody Welcome" message and connect with a younger audience.

Pure Gym Meta Marketing Summit.jpeg

Isabelle Quevilly (Director Creative Strategy, Meta) showcasing our work at the Meta Marketing Summit


  • +11.2% in Conversions 

  • -10.8% Lower Cost per Conversions

  • 81% decrease in Cost per Thruplay

  • 5.6X increase in Thruplays 

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