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Client: Meta
Role: Creative Strategy Lead
Project: Instagram Reels EMEA

Whilst at Meta, I lead the development of the EMEA Reels for performance initiative across EMEA.


A creative framework aimed at helping priority clients build Reels creative that drive DR performance. 

Proactively identifying the business need, piloting the framework, and scaling it into a playbook to the whole EMEA client book of business - ultimately informing Meta’s global Reels creative guidance for advertisers.

Business objective

Driving adoption of Instagram Reels across EMEA was a key priority for the business. 


Clients in the Mid-Market EMEA book of business are primarily focused on performance and DR objectives.
They do not see Reels as a performance driving format. 

Strategic Hypothesis

Instagram Reels can be an effective format to drive performance on Meta platforms.


I first leveraged audience insights, client performance data, and platform metrics, to get an understanding of the problems clients where facing. 

Reel Talk Image.001.png

Once the strategic proposal was approved by Meta's Creative Shop and Sales leadership, I built a taskforce of Sales, Measurement, Creative and Production experts to bring to life the framework, which we piloted and tested with key priority clients across EMEA. We then built a creative playbook - with the case studies developed with clients - that we scaled through a series of webinars. 

This framework, along with the case studies that emanated from it, where integrated into Meta's global Reels narrative and creative guidance, leveraged by thousands of clients around the world. 

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