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Client: Pepsi Co (Doritos) 
Role: Strategy Lead 
Project: Integrated campaign 

Whilst at Meta, I lead the Strategy on a Doritos Brand campaign for the Turkish market. Leading the research and insights, strategic approach and pitch to Pepsi, as well as the campaign ecosystem development. 

We partnered with Oliver, Pepsi Co's studio, OMD and FonGogo to build a campaign that leveraged the power of mobile-first visual storytelling, micro influencers, to inspire and empower the Turkish youth to crowdfund their bold projects and to refresh Doritos’ brand positioning in a key market. 


Doritos wanted to strengthen their "Bold" brand positioning (and become synonymous with "Boldness"), by inspiring the Turkish youth to act bold. 

Research findings

Being "Bold" in Turkey isn’t so simple…  First of all, there’s no direct translation for the word "Bold" in Turkish. The closest word is “Cesaret” which means “Courage”. Turkish youth usually talk a good game on socials about being bold, but rarely walk the walk. They are, in fact, some of the most stressed in the world, with a big reason for that being financial pressure. Studies have shown that almost 49% of Turkish youth feel they don’t have the necessary funds to realise their dreams…  


Research on our platforms showed us that one of the most associated words with "courage" in Turkey is "if only". This underlines the fact that they have the will but not the means to be bold. The biggest reason being financial barriers. Our approach was to not only to inspire them to be bold but also empower them to act bold.

Inspire & empower Turkish youth to crowdfund their bold projects. 


We partnered with Turkey's leading crowdfunding platform 'Fongogo' and young creators who had already realised their bold dreams through crowdfunding. We inspired our audience with their real stories on Feed, Stories and IGTV.

We created a mobile-first Facebook and Instagram-only campaign, calling young people to submit their bold projects for crowdfunding and we showed them how to do it. Doritos promoted all submitted projects on FB&IG to increase their reach to millions and became the voice of the Turkish youth. 

Video may take a little time to load.


  • In only 2 months, we helped raise over 220,000 Turkish Lira for the bold dreams of the Turkish youth. 

  • The campaign reached over 27.4M people (93% of Target Audience) 

  • 8.6pts increase in Brand Lift (Ad Recall) vs benchmark: 6.5pts

  • 975k more people recalled the "Bi Cesaret" message as a result of seeing these ads, and associated the concept of "boldness" with the brand. 

  • 90% of participants aged 18 to 24 associated the campaign message with the Doritos.

  • Positive conversations about Doritos increased by 256%

  • Thanks to this campaign, crowdsourcing awareness increased by 74% in Turkey in only 2 months, with project submissions on FonGogo increasing by 4x

  • The campaign earned coverage in over 30 offline and online media channels, amounting to over 2M Turkish Liras

Full case study video below: 

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