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Client: Culbia 
Role: Brand Strategy Lead (Brand Building, Concept Development and Production oversight)
Project: Brand Launch 

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Whilst at Meta, I worked with Culbia’s CEO and founders on the launch of their brand. Building out their creative strategy and defining a distinctive brand positioning, informed by audience and category insights. Leading the development of the creative campaign. 


Leveraging Culbia’s Portuguese provenance, the launch stood out in a saturated market, inviting people to discover the culture and craft of Culbia’s Lisbon.


This full-funnel activation was a rich expression of the brand story, including AR, creator collaboration, and product-focused creative.


Founders Bia and Joao came to us with the idea to launch Culbia on Facebook & Instagram. This was an opportunity for us to build their brand from day zero, using only our platforms. How do you turn a generic brand launch in an overcrowded fashion category, into a campaign that builds brand credentials and distinctiveness, whilst driving conversions?


  • 100% of sales driven from campaign

  • The campaign drove +$33K revenue

  • Average basket size over $250

  • Ad recall +11.1pts

  • Brand awareness +6.1pts

  • Top of mind awareness +1.9pts


The worlds biggest fashion houses use "Made in Portugal" but don't communicate it. Rooting their image in Milan, Paris or New York provenance. Lisbon is an untapped creative territory for a brand to own and celebrate. 

Leveraging Culbia's Portuguese heritage and Lisbon provenance as a distinctive creative territory that sets them apart from the competition.

Creative Idea: "A portal into Culbia's Lisbon"
Launching a brand with visual language. A campaign that introduces Culbia to the world, and proudly showcases its provenance, its products, and its essence - through the visual storytelling power of our platforms. 

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