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Client: Meta
Role: Strategy Lead 
Project: Global Strategic Framework

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at

Whilst at Meta, I proactively built, piloted, launched, and scaled Building Brand From Day Zero, a strategic framework aimed at supporting startup clients with defining their Brand Strategy, and executing it on Meta platforms, in order to drive growth.

The framework became an official Meta Business Solution, used by startup and disruptor clients around the world when onboarding with Meta platforms as part of their VC program. 

After interviewing over 30 founders and CEO's of VC backed startups across EMEA, I noticed a clear desire to start brand building, but a lack of understanding and investment in it. So I proactively developed and pitched this framework internally. I then built a team of partners to make it happen, from measurement, sales, strategy, creative, production, activation and global marketing. 

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In order to prove the viability of the framework, we developed a bespoke measurement structure and tested it with a series of advertisers before launching it globally. You can see a few pieces of creative that came out of the pilot test below. The results were extremely promising, and so the Building Brand From Day Zero framework was launched at Meta's VC Summit. Where I presented it to VC heads, CEO's, and founders from across the globe. 

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